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Sustainable Development

We also work to benefit our surroundings, aiming to have a positive impact on our neighboring communities and the enviroment.


Our passion drives not only our work, but also the positive impact we seek to make on our surroundings. We commit to and work with neighboring communities by fostering their development and welfare through special projects and cooperation with government and private institutions.

Water is Life. We install and share water wells with neighboring communities and also work collaboratively for the improvement of service infrastructure and access roads.

We Grow Together. We give our support to schools and participate in programs for children’s education.


We are conscious of our planet’s sensitive ecological balance and are committed to its conservation in our work.

Responsible Use of Water. Water is a vital resource that we care for in all our operations. We have a modern drip irrigation system which optimizes fertilization through efficient water use.

Sustainable Farming Practices. We are well aware of the responsibility that rests in growing food for human consumption. We grow our products under the highest international environmental standards in our pest and disease control techniques. We make sure our products are of the highest quality without negatively impacting the environment and soil.

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