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Where others saw only rocky land, we saw opportunity. Today, those lands are fertile fields where high-quality fresh fruit is grown. In Peru, we have been leaders in the production and exportation of tables grapes since 2005.


To grow and deliver unique fresh fruit to our customers around the world.


To be the superlative Peruvian producer of unique fruits, recognized worldwide for our leadership and quality while at the same time improving human communities and serving as a model for sustainable development.

Our Culture

For exceptional results, we focus on:

Quality. We use the best to produce the best. Our top quality supplies and processes yield the freshest fruits, ready to reach the tables of consumers around the world.

Honesty. Honest and transparent work always generates positive results.

Commitment. We work for the environment, society and our customers. Together, they motivate us to keep growing.

Innovation. There is always a better way to do things. We are constantly seeking new tools and processes in all areas.

Table Grapes

Our grapes are grown with care and harvested at the perfect time to ensure the best quality and condition.


Hass avocado, with rich buttery texture and distinctive flavor.


Seedless mandarins with intense flavor and high juice content.

Our Fields

One of the countless attributes that makes Peru a unique country is the diversity of its climate, which allows us to grow a variety of produce throughout the year. In each farm we have packing houses and cold storage facilities that ensure our products are kept in optimum condition for consumption.


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