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Novo Mundo Novo Mundo
Its name alluding to America’s beginnings, Novo Mundo is based on elements of our culture to show the character, vitality and freshness of our products. This brand is geared towards European markets. Novo Mundo
Red Dragón Red Dragón
A strong brand that reflects the hard work and dedication invested in our product. Red Dragon maintains the quality and prestige achieved over the years, making it the top brand in Asian and American markets. Red Dragon
Terra Sur Terra Sur
Its name represents our origins and the world we live in, where nature, sun and joy work together with us to grow the best fruit. Terra Sur is strongly positioned in the American and Asian markets. Terra Sur
Lando Lando
Lando builds on the vitality of Afro-Peruvian music to represent the passion and joy of our work and the freshness of our grapes in order to gain recognition worldwide. Lando
Mayqa Mayqa
Translated from Quechua meaning fertile ground, this brand makes reference to our initial dream to show the optimism, effort and hard work put into the production of our grapes. Mayqa is very popular in the European, American and Asian markets. Mayqa
Golden 8 Golden 8
Golden 8 brings in the best of Chinese culture, revealing the tradition, perfectionism, and care behind our products. Mostly present in Asian markets. Golden 8

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